Grill Like an Argentinian Gaucho

Grill Like an Argentinian Gaucho

Argentinian Beef steak

From sausages to steaks, and everything in between, South Americans, and Argentinians in particular, know how to do it right! Here are some tips for grilling the Argentine gaucho way:

1. Talk to your butcher. They’ll lead you to the freshest cuts of meat and may also have a few tips for preparing it in the tastiest way possible.

2. Light the grill. The pros will tell you that cooking over wood coals is key. If your grill isn’t equipped to burn wood, charcoal is your next best alternative. When using charcoal, remember to use the coals once they are burned through and red hot to avoid any unpleasant flavors that tend to accompany cooking over charcoal.


3. Simple flavors. Keep it simple when seasoning your meat. A nice seasoning salt and some fresh ground pepper will do.Kick up the flavor with a batch of bright and tangy chimichurri sauce to serve on the side.

4. Bold wines. Bold meats call for bold wines. Serve a glass of Purple Cowboy Tenacious Red or Trail Boss Cabernet with your meal. Both pair beautifully with grilled meats.